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Last Edited: 28 Aug 2020
Edit my details, Insert Marriage, Insert Image, Insert Web Link

Click on My Account (on the top right-hand corner of any page). Under Add/Update Personal or Family Details, select the relevant person name. To make updates, click on the icon against the relevant title under the appropriate heading. To insert a new item, simply fill in the forms under the appropriate headings. Click on Submit to save your changes.

Add a new family member

Click on My Account (on the top right-hand corner of any page). Under  Add/Update Personal or Family Members click on the icon against Add New Family Member. Fill in the details and click on Submit.

Edit details of a family member

You are able to edit details of a person in your family grouping. These are people closest to you in relation and whom we have grouped together. To edit a person's details, click on My Account (on the top right-hand corner of any page).

Go to Add/Update Personal or Family Details and choose the person you wish to edit from the drop down list under Select Family Member to Edit. Make the appropriate changes and click on Submit.

Note that each individual that you add to the database will automatically fall under your family grouping and will be editable by yourself or the individual if they also hold an account on the site. If you are not able to edit a person, please contact the Administrator for assistance.

Delete a record

Deleting an individual can have unintended consequences to the proper display of related persons in the database. Hence, we would request that you contact the adminstrator using the contact link and provide the details of the record (the ID number and name of the individual) to delete.

Search for someone

Use the Family Members drop list found near the top right of every page or use the search page or even the surnames page.

To use the drop list, scroll through the list of surnames in the Family Members box on the top right-hand corner. Select a surname and then when prompted, a first name.

Alternatively, under the navigation tab People, click on the Search link and manually search.

A third alternative is to click on the Surnames list also found under the People tab, which will provide a list of surnames found in the database. The Surnames page can also be accessed by clicking on the Family Members on File link under the Statistics box in the right hand column of the page.

View descendants of an individual

If an individual has descendants, the link to "View My Direct Descendants" will appear on that individual's record page.

Links for Patriarchs relevant to large family groups can be accessed from the Family Lines page under the People navigation heading. Links to Charts approriate to an individual are also listed on the individual's record page. Note that on occassion, a descendant chart will be listed multiple times on an individuals page. This is a result of marriage within the family line (ie both the mother and father have the same ancestor/s) sometime in the past.

As the Charts can contain a lot of information, it may take time to load. You will also need to scroll vertically or scroll horizontally in the popup window to view additional individuals in the chart.

View ancestors of an individual

From any record, click on the View My Ancestry link below the person's family details. This link only appears if the person in question is not the ultimate ancestor. You can view further ancestral details of the people in the genealogy tree on the page that opens by clicking on the icon next to the name of the individual. To return to the record you were initially viewing, click on the Close (X) button at the top right of the genealogy tree page.

Post my photos in the Image Gallery

Photos in the Image Gallery are photos uploaded under an individual's personal record. Should you wish to upload your own photos or that of a family member, click on My Account (tab at top right of page). Under Add/Update Personal or Family Details, select the relevant person's name. Then under Insert Image, upload your images one at a time, making sure that each image is no larger than 1 Mb in size.

Create a gallery in Photos & Videos

The Photo and Videos gallery is for collections of photos involving the Cordeiros and other family lines appropriate to this web site. The Administrator posts these photos. Please contact us for instructions through the Contact form (buttom of page). We appreciate all photos you share with us.

Post an Article

If you have a story to tell, please contact us through the Contact Form (click on button in the navigation bar on the top right-hand corner). These articles are posted under Our Stories and serve as a record of our history. We appreciate all information you are willing to share with everyone, no matter how small an item.

Change my email address

Go to your Account page by clicking on the My Account link on the top right hand side. Under Account Details, click on the icon against the Change Email link. Then simply click on your existing email address. The text will become editable allowing you to type in your new address. When done, simply click in an area outside of the edit box for the change to take effect.

Change my password

Go to your Account page by clicking on the My Account link on the top right hand side. Click on the icon against the Change Password link. Enter your new password taking note of the strength of the password you enter. Using a mix of capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers strengthens your password. Re-enter your password to ensure that what you assumed you entered the first time is indeed what was actually typed in. Click Change to submit your new password.

Contact the Administrator

To contact us, click on the Contact link in the navigation links at the bottom of the page. Fill in the details and click Submit.