Privacy Policy

Last Edited: 28 Aug 2020

The web site has been set up to share information with relatives, whether we are familiar with each other on a personal basis, or not. We have taken pains to ensure that any private information entered into the database is protected from persons who are not related in any way to our extended family members.

Some general information is shared with the public. Information which we have sourced from other parts of the web are also freely available for public viewing.

The email address and password that you provided in the registration process is stored on a database server. The password is encrypted into the database and there is no easy way to decrypt the password. At no time is your email address displayed or coded into any page. Should someone within the family group choose to send you an email via this site, your email will be retrieved from the database only at the very point that the email is sent, thereby protecting it from being harvested for use in spam mail.

We do gather information from users at two levels. The first is to mainly assess the overall use of the site by both account and non-account holders. This provides statistics on site usage and does not gather personal information. It will also help us trace any unauthorised access to the site should it ever occur. The second means records the number of actual logins to the site. Usernames are identified to us. This information gives us an indication as to how well utilised the site is with family members.

Each account holder is associated with their details in the database to ensure that only you as an account holder, are able to modify your own information in the database. Unless additional access to edit immediate family member details is requested, it is not automatically provided.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact us.


This web site has been designed by Giovanni Cordeiro utilising a combination of scripts sourced from the web and modified to suit our needs as well as scripts developed internally for specific purposes.

Internally developed scripts have been created for site administration and all other sections not acknowledged below as being derived from external sources. The personal information within the database is copyrighted to the respective individuals.


The following sections utilise modified scripts originally developed by Open Source Genealogy:

  • The listing of each individual person;
  • The ancestral tree for each individual.