Places our ancestors came from

Last Edited: 02 Mar 2022

As you trace back the roots of the Cordeiros from Singapore, it becomes apparent that the Cordeiro lineage had geographically dispersed a great distance from its origins. Perhaps you might be curious about the places our ancestors lived in.

In this section, we will present a brief history on the following places:

  • Portugal
  • the Azores, concentrating on the island of Terceira
  • Macau
  • Singapore

Each place has been dealt with in two parts - Then and Now.

Under Then, we will cover significant events in the history of each place which led to our ancestors leaving the country.

Under Now, we will give you a little insight into what the country is like now, and show you some photos we have collected from various sources. Perhaps these will spark an interest to visit the country in the future.

Follow us on the journey of our ancestors by clicking on the sub tabs under Places above.