Welcome to the updated Cordeiro website! After 6 years in existence and with a collection of over 900 names, we felt it was time to give our website a fresh look and make some improvements in the area of data entry and site navigation. Hopefully, you will find these changes helpful.

Users may now enter all information for themselves and their family members using their Account page. Any family member with an account on the site will be able to make updates for each other. However, should you find this all too complicated, we are here to support you so please send information, photos or other details, no matter how small, to us.

In addition, we have now added descendant charts for the Cordeiros plus six of the largest families contained on the site. These charts can be accessed from the Charts link found under the People heading of the navigation bar. Specific charts can also be accessed from an individual's page.

Apart from these website improvements, we are thrilled to have made further progress in several areas of our search for our roots.

  • We have identified further ancestral family members beyond those we previously had. We now believe that António Gonçalves Cordeiro was not born in Macau, but on the island of Terceira that forms part of the Archipelago of the Azores (an autonomous region of Portugal). We have even identified António's father as Manuel Gonçalves Cordeiro.
  • We have found that some of the Cordeiros who lived in Hong Kong belong to our lineage while others are linked to us through marriage. 
  • We have uncovered substantial new information on Ludovico Cordeiro which can be found under his record.
  • We have found press articles on a number of Cordeiros. These can be found under Articles and Recollections. 
  • We have revamped the site categories, updated and added information in the light of new research and removed the section on the coat of arms till we can verify its authenticity.

Happy browsing!

Francoise & Giovanni
February 2012